The quality of new Iraqi dinar notes is better than the quality of old Iraqi dinar notes. Fine paper is used in the new Iraqi dinar notes. Moreover new technology has been used to print the latest notes. There are many security features added in the new currency notes and they are safe as compared to the currency notes of Sadam Hussain’s time. Now it is almost impossible for a person to make fake copies of the new notes.

Well if you carefully look at the old Iraqi currency notes then you will come to know that the old notes for of poor quality and they had poor security features and just because of the poor security features in the old notes, most of the people printed fake copies of them.  It is also to be known that the new Iraqi dinar notes are being used in Iraq now. On the other hand the new currency is being traded in the international currency market as well.

If you are willing to invest in Iraqi dinar, then you should know the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar and you should also know that you cannot purchase Iraqi dinar from open currency market. Furthermore always make sure that you are buying the new Iraqi dinar notes as the old notes have no worth anymore. Choose the right online currency dealer to deal with as he can also help you in buying the right amount of money for investment.

11/4/2015 17:25:52

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